Lauren & Mo’s Wedding at Bay Pointe Woods

June 7, 2023

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If you’ve read my Best Wedding Venues in Southwest Michigan, you’ve likely seen Bay Pointe Inn on the list. They’re known for their one-of-a-kind weddings on Gun Lake in Shelbyville, Michigan. Lauren & Mo, however, chose Bay Pointe Woods to celebrate their May wedding. 


Bay Pointe Woods was completed in 2020 and offers quite a different wedding experience from Bay Pointe Inn’s lakeside venues. It has a luxury barn-like charm, seclusion from the other ceremony and reception locations, and is marked by its garden pavilion as a ceremony site backdrop and its grand, window-lined barn as a reception area. 

While you still get all the perks of the Bay Pointe Experience, like tables and linen rentals, a day of coordinator, and access to catering from their very own Bay Pointe Inn, it’s met with the seclusion and privacy of being across the way from the lake.


Mo & Lauren did it right when they chose Bay Pointe Woods as their ceremony and reception site for their wedding. When I arrived both the bride and her bridesmaids and the groom and his groomsmen had their own Bay Pointe Cottages (which you and your wedding guests can rent for the day or weekend). It made the whole experience feel familial and up close that everyone was staying in houses just next to one another and only a few yards away from the actual ceremony and reception site. 


Upon my arrival, Lauren was getting down with her girls. Mimosas were on hand and the best of the ’90s and early ’00s were on blast. It was such a fun environment to step into and you could feel the excitement. I could tell very quickly how loved Lauren was by her close friends and family. 

Mo and his groomsmen were a little quieter, watching sports and having conversations. Many of his groomsmen had come from out of town and you could tell they were enjoying the morning catching up and spending time together in the cottage one another’s presence. 

When Lauren was all dressed and ready, we set out for the first look, which we did on the waters with Gun Lake in the background. We began with her first look with her father. 


Backstory: Ironically, I got to know Lauren’s father just as well as I got to know her before the wedding. Her father works at an office shared with Amplify Marketing, who were the wedding planners for Lauren’s wedding. Follow me here, I went to college with Marrisa Christine who was also working at Amplify Marketing at the same time. She recommended Lauren & Mo to me and they booked me for their engagement session. 

This wasn’t an ordinary engagement session, though. Lauren & Mo were actually married just an hour after their engagement session. Why? It wasn’t an elopement. October 22nd, 2021 represented her parents’ wedding anniversary. They’d been married for decades and Lauren saw the significance in getting married on the same day as her parents. Lauren & Mo loved their engagement session experience so much that they decided to hire me for their wedding.

While we were working out the wedding details, I got another opportunity to visit the wedding planner and Lauren’s father. While there, I asked him if there were any photos he wanted me to capture on the wedding day. One image he mentioned was a photo of the bride and groom during the ceremony with her parents (he and his wife) in the foreground. 

You’ll see that photo in just a bit, but I share all this to show you just how close Lauren is to her family. Mo is, also, but unfortunately, his family wasn’t able to make it as they are from overseas. It was an emotional day, to say the least, and it began with the first looks. 



Lauren’s father was so excited to see her and embraced her sweetly during their first look. It was a sentimental moment knowing how much she means to him. After her first look with her father, she walked a short stretch to another secluded spot on the lakefront and met Mo. He was in awe of how beautiful she looked and ready to embrace her and tell her how much he loved her. 

I love that Lauren & Mo is the type of couple who set each other at ease. You can tell that when they are in each other’s presence they are content and at peace. It’s the sweetest thing. 


After the lakefront first look, we headed back to Bay Pointe Woods for the ceremony. The ceremony was so well thought through. There was live music played by KalHaven Strings, the lighting of a unity candle, and heartfelt written vows. So many eyes were damp after the reading of the vows, they were so good!! 

Once pronounced husband and wife they snuck away and took a few minutes to themselves. If you haven’t heard me talk about sneaking away, you need to read this!


The reception went off without a hitch! The DJ, Bee Entertainment, set the mood with the perfect cocktail hour music, Bay Pointe served dinner that was fresh, healthy, and delicious, and the speeches got rolling. 

I always love when dads pray over the meal and it turns into a little bit of a speech. 🎤  That was the case with Lauren’s father and he gave such a sweet word about her as a daughter and his excitement for her and Mo. 

The best man and maid of honor speeches were so heartfelt, too. The friends that spoke on their behalf were lifelong friends full of kindness and gratefulness for the bride and groom and for the fact that they had found one another. 


The dances were such a sweet highlight from Lauren & Mo’s reception. I loved watching Lauren and her father share a dance and then watching Lauren’s mom and Mo share a dance (so so sweet) and, finally, watching Lauren’s parents share a dance (this was a surprise planned by Lauren and her dad). 

Another part I adored was how many tender moments were shared, like Mo watching Lauren take portraits from the balcony, or Lauren’s mom watching bridal party photos through the window, or Lauren’s teary-eyed dance with her dad.

And something small I enjoyed was the dessert at their reception. Since Mo is from the Middle East his one request was to have Baklava for dessert. The Baklava was from Shatila Bakery and it did not disappoint! Guests were talking about it the whole night. 



Lauren & Mo’s wedding was one of my favorite experiences at Bay Pointe Inn. Bay Pointe Woods is definitely my favorite of Bay Pointes Inn’s many ceremony and reception locations. If you loved the look and feel of Lauren & Mo’s wedding day, here is a list of all of her vendors that did an amazing job. As always, if you have any questions about planning a wedding at Bay Pointe Woods or planning a wedding in general, just reach out! 

Planner: Micha at Amplify Marketing
Venue: Bay Pointe Woods
Catering/Bar: Bay Pointe Inn
Photographer: Illuminate Photo Co.
Videographer: Unnamed Films

Ceremony Musicians: KalHaven Strings
DJ Services: Bee Entertainment
Florals: Floral Creations
Decor/Rentals: Event Theory
Hair: Leah Nicole Bridal
Makeup: Olivia Riley
Cake: Amethyst Bee Cakery
Dessert: Shatila Bakery
Favors: Cookie Chicks
Calligraphy: NorthHouse Creative Co.

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