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The Greencrest Manor aims to bring a gracious family feel to your wedding by providing you with the best venue services at its 17th-century French countryside chateau located in Battle Creek, Michigan.

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Looking for a wedding venue near Battle Creek or Kalamazoo? Look no further. The Greencrest Manor aims to bring a gracious family feel to your wedding by providing you with the best venue services. The 17th-century French countryside chateau located outside Battle Creek is made of wrought-iron gates and a tree-lined drive that welcome you into the facility. Filled with beautiful garden sites at the Manor you're sure to see a lot of pear trees. Want to stay longer? You can have your event for a whole weekend or plan a one day cocktail event. Check out my list of The Best Wedding Venues in Southwest Michigan to get inspired by more locations to have your wedding ceremony or reception. 

A Brief History of Greencrest Manor

Greencrest Manor has a rich history that dates to the early 1900s. The home was built by George R. Burt as it was the favourite picnic spot for him and his wife, Nellie Zinn. Unfortunately, Burt passed away while the purchasing process was still ongoing. Nellie decided to carry on with the plans of her husband and completed the building of the French style manor.

The Catholic Church purchased the property in the early 1960s to be used as a seminary. After about two decades of serving as a seminary, it was sold.

In 1987, the estate was purchased by Tom and Kathy VanDaff, who dedicated their lives to return the property to its former glory. Two years of renovations followed. At last, in the spring of 1989, the property proudly re-opened to the public as a bed & breakfast.

The property is now owned by Jenn and Dave, who loved it the first time they visited. They had the vision to return it to its former glory and saw it come to life. Being an event person, Jenn had the dream to turn this place into what it currently is, a perfect wedding venue to seal your love forever.

Features & Guests

The Celebration House is a 200-guest capacity Greencrest Manor indoor reception space that is airy and features natural lighting and modern fixtures for the best wedding view, there is also a covered outdoor space. The Manor also features a dressing room, internet facility. 

You can book the manor for a single day or go for the weekend package. Services include accommodations for two nights in the eight bedrooms, breakfast and mimosas on Saturday for the guests lodging and Full brunch on Sunday morning. The packages include a wedding venue coordinator; however, each client should have their wedding planner as the coordinator will only oversee the details of the wedding venue.

Tables and Chairs would have to be rented from a vendor. There is also an option for bar rental at the manor. The manor has a list of preferred vendors, but you can choose to use your vendors, and the staff will be glad to work with them. For bridal party preparations, the manor has bridal suites options to get comfortable in before the event.

Cost Considerations

The cost of the manor will depend on the package you select however most couples report spending upwards of $20,000 for a full weekend rental. There is also a quote for guests above 200. To get the exact pricing contact Greencrest. Rentals are also available at additional costs.

Other Considerations

The manor has an online wedding forum to plan your day. Clients are required to rent their portable restrooms from one of the vendors, due to plumbing concerns of the Manor. From May to October, all events hosted are tented, while from November to April, weddings are to be hosted in the Manor due to the unavailability of ballroom space. During this period reception is limited to a maximum of 50 guests for cocktail style and 40 for seated dinners.

Coming June 2023! I can't wait to share this with you!!

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Greencrest Manor was built for love and it's only logical that it is now a place where people get to celebrate love. The venue is timeless, beautiful, and  has all the amenities you need. 



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